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The Rossön Camp is all about experiences in nature – created by nature – on its terms.

Regardless of whether you just want to relax, search for and find yourself or simply want to let off steam – here you can experience nature at your own pace and according to your personal preferences.

Hiking, rowing, fishing, hunting, barbecuing, going on a wild safari, picking mushrooms and berries, painting or photographing wildflowers, relaxing in the sauna right by the lake or, or, or….
Just contact us – we will be happy to put together an individual package for you.

Surrounding the camp there are more than enough possibilities to fill every vacation week with experiences and excitement. But that should not stop anyone from exploring the surrounding area which has a lot to offer. 


Let’s start with a look at Rossön. The small town is about a 10-minute drive from the camp and will be your go-to place for all the little things you’ll need. The ICA supermarket in town ensures that the fridge is always well stocked. A small fishing store stocks everything you may have forgotten or lost. 

The ski stadium is a great place for a little jog in the summer and, of course, the first port of call for a few laps on the cross-country skis in the winter. 

Dorotea und Vilhelmina

Dorotea is known as the „gateway to Lapland“ and is actually always mentioned in the same breath as Vilhelmina, which is still about 50 km north of Dorotea. So if you want to set foot into (or onto) Lapland, here is your chance. If you want to be active you will find many hiking trails around Dorotea. A few stores and restaurants and a pastry store with all kinds of delicacies can be found in the village center. If you run out of wine, this is also the closest place to refill your supplies (Bolaget system). A little tip: You should keep an eye on the seasonally changing opening hours! 

If you want to delve a little deeper into the culture and way of life of the Sámi, you should take the trip to Vilhelmina. Here you will find a small, old Sámi village above the city.


If you still have some time left after the days at our fishing camp, you should take the drive over the Vildmarksvägen. A scenically unique way past waterfalls – especially the Trappstegsforsen obliges to a small stop – and high up to the Stekenjokk plateau. The almost 500km long round trip is, however, only completely open and passable from June 6 to October 15. If you do not get to see some reindeer here at the latest, you should take it personally 😉


Strömsund is, among other things, the southernmost point of the Vildmarksvägen and is listed in many travel guides as a starting or ending point. So whether you are planning a day trip or have the place on the plan as part of your arrival and departure – it is always worth a visit. 

We would like to highlight the open-air museum, which is an excellent place to take a look at the former life in the region. More than 20 historical buildings are spread over the area, which has been operated as a museum by the local heritage association since the late 1950s. Especially with children, you should not forget to pay a visit to „Jorm“ the giant – however, with his hight of almost six meters, he is hard to miss. 

Feel free to contact us for more opportunities via email or directly at camp!