Fishing and Boats

Rossön Camp - Fishing und Outdoor, Hecht, kapitaler Hecht, Dirk Nestler, Angeln, Pike, groß, Raubfisch

Pure and utter deceleration: There is hardly anything more relaxing than spending the day on or near the water, enjoying the view, letting the wind blow around your nose… and BANG! A bite!

With your fishing license, which is available directly at the camp, you have access to five waters where we have boats available and an additional eight waters which can only be fished from the shore or with waders. 


• Lesjön: several Linder aluminum boats 14,1ft with 4-6 HP 4-stroke outboard motors
• Bästselet (the slow flowing part of the Rörströmsälven): 2x synthetic boats (glass fibre)
  12,1ft & 14,1ft with 4-stroke 4-6 HP outboard motors
• Snåråsvattnet: 1x boat 12,46ft with ores
• Hocksjön: 1x boat 12,1ft with electric motor
• Bävattnet: 1x boat 12,1ft with electric motor

For the Lesjön there are enough boats with outboard motor available for all guests and visiting parties. Please arrange the use of boats for the side waters with the camp.
Life jackets are available for each guest.

There are many fishing waters with numerous species of fish accessible with the the camp’s fishing license. Lakes, especially with pike and perch, but also with vendace, bream, ide, burbot and roach. In our area the fish grow up to impressive sizes. It is not without reason that some professional anglers fish here for their capital catches or to win a famous YouTube tournament:

In addition, there is Hocksjöforsarna, where, apart from the above-mentioned fish species, brown trout and grayling swim, as well as several waters with stocked salmon trout and arctic char.

Erfolgreicher Nachwuchsangler im Rossön Camp - Fishing und Outdoor, Angelcamp, Schweden, Arktischer Saibling

For example, both spinning and trolling can be done on the large fish-rich Lesjön, spinning rods can be used to land capital perch and pike at the beautifully situated Bävattnet, or fly rods can be pulled out of their cases in the rapids of Hocksjöforsarna, where trout and grayling swim.

Angler mit Forelle an einem der vielen Seen Rund um das Rossön Camp - Fishing und Outdoor, Schweden, Angeln, Fisch

Fishing Rules

Sustainability is a top priority in all our waters! We want to offer our guests a unique experience in the long term while preserving the nature that is so unique to our area and the camp. Therefore, the following rules apply to all guests (as well as to local anglers):

In Bästselet (river) Catch & Release applies to ALL species!
Otherwise, 1 pike / person and day may be taken (must not be smaller than 50 cm and not longer than 75 cm). Perch larger than 40 cm must be released. This also applies to grayling under 35 cm and trout under 45 cm – with a maximum of 3 fish per day!

The violation of our fishing rules can lead to the fact that you and your party have to leave our facility without financial compensation – these rules keep us this unique experience!

Lesjön, Snåråsvattnet, Bölenvattnet, Hocksjötjärnarna – season 15.05.- 30.09.
Hocksjöforsarna – season 01.06.-31.08.,
Bästselet – season 15.05.-31.10.

Additional details about the rules can be found in your information folder, which will be ready upon arrival at the lodge.