Wildlife and Nature

Rentier, Rossön, Lesjön See, Rossön Camp - Fishing & Outdoor Camp, Schweden, Lappland

Lesjön Fishing & Outdoor Experience is located in the middle of the vast and beautifully untouched wilderness of central Sweden. It is part of the Natura 2000 protected area and borders a primeval forest reserve. 

Watching a moose roaming the woods. Watching a bear in the wild. Seeing an osprey circling overhead or a reindeer in front of your cottage. Not at all unlikely – both in the camp itself and in the surrounding area.

Together with your guide you and your family and friends can roam through the hilly terrain and through the forests, which are crisscrossed by numerous streams, to go tracking or feed on nature in a pristine and adventurous way with bushcraft excursions – experiences that are somewhere between thrill and pure nature experience for both big and small. 

Mehrer Seen gehören zum Angelgebiet rum um das Angel und Outdoor Camp in Rossön, Schweden,
Wald, Lappland, See, Angeln

Again, as with everything we do in and around the cam, our sustainable and conscious approach is applicable. Please also keep in mind that untamed nature may bring untamed problems. Water levels change quickly and make some trips impossible. Bears don’t come just because we want them to. Only the mosquitoes… you can count on them. 

Schier unendliche Weiten erstrecken sich um das Angel & Outdoor Camp 
Rossön, Schweden, Lappland, Wald, Fluß

Observation Huts

Lesjön Fishing and Outdoor Experience Camp is located in the middle of one of the regions with the highest density of brown bears in the world. This makes a trip to one of our two observation huts a good idea, especially in early summer. 

Observation Hut One

Bären, Braunbären, Beobachten, Beobachtungshütten, Rossön Camp - Fishing & Outdoor, Schweden, Lappland, Abenteuer, Nervenkitzel

Observation hut one is located next to a small bog in the primeval forest reserve. The hut is a small wooden shack with windows as well as small openings for photography. There are a few chairs and a few simple beds for tired and exhausted observers, as well as a compost toilet. 

Observation Hut Two

This observation hut is located next to a bog on the bank of Rörströmsälven. The river also belongs to the protected „Natura-2000“ area. Cabin Two is the slightly larger of the two cabins. Originally it was a wooden forest cabin, whose furnishings are still rather functional and rustic, similar to cabin one. 

Tours to the huts can be requested separately and booked on site. Of course, our guide will decide individually if it is reasonable and safe to take you to one of the huts. 

Bushcraft and Nature Experience

Lesjön See, Rossön Camp - Fishing & Outdoor, See, Boot, Familienurlaub, Angelurlaub

Besides the targeted trips to the observation huts, bears, moose or reindeer can of course cross your path at any time. Especially from the water, such encounters are not exactly uncommon. However, you should not lose the necessary respect. 

Another special way to get yourself in touch with nature are our bushcraft activities. Together with our „Chiefs of Camp“ you will go on forays into nature, search for tracks, learn that one or the other survival trick and spend unforgettable hours. 

Depending on your experience, these can be day-long tours as well as trips with overnight stays. As with the observation huts, we decide on site whether it is appropriate and safe for all parties to conduct a trip. 

All the magical views and natural spectacles around Lesjön Fishing and Adventure Camp can be experienced undisturbed in this sparsely populated part of the country. In Rossön, just 1.2 people share one square kilometer – a paradise for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and all those who long for peace and silence!

Of course, you can find out more about this on site or on request by e-mail. 


Nordlichter können im Camp in Rossön Schweden im Winter natürlich auch beobachtet werden - so sie sich blicken lassen
Lappland, Northern Lights

Even if the focus of most visitors is on the summer – each season has its own charms. Due to our proximity to Lapland, we can experience eight seasons in the tradition of the Sámi.

The year begins under a blanket of clean, bright, white snow and up to -25 degrees. 

During springGijarra – nature frees itself from winter in an impressive way. The ice on lakes and rivers breaks up and life returns with breathtaking speed. You might even see a young reindeer. What makes this season a very special one for many – there are no mosquitoes (yet). 

Early summerGijrragiessie – is known for its fresh and vibrant colors. For nature, a time when all that power and energy accumulated during the winter burst out. The bears have already awakened from their hibernation and brought out the cubs born during the winter. Everything is busy with growth at full power.  For us, the time of the year when the main season in the camp begins. 

SummerGiessie – is short and packed with work and activities. Forests, meadows and lakes shine in shades of blue and green. Colors and life everywhere. While in the camp, capital pike are pulled out of the lake and quality time is spent together, the Sami are busy preparing their herds for the winter. The never ending days are fully utilized and enjoyed by all. Take a few minutes late in the evening, walk down to the jetty and gaze into the White Nights.

In late summerTjakttjagiessie – the fruits of summer are harvested. Hunting season begins and in our camp the focus changes from fishing to hunting and forays into the woods to pick berries and mushrooms. The days are now getting noticeably shorter and nature slowly begins to say goodbye to an exciting summer. 

In autumnTjakttja – Skábma, the time of darkness, approaches and there is no denying that we move towards winter. Days and nights become noticeably colder, the first snow falls and a special calmness returns to the camp.