Our Houses

The camp has four cottages of different sizes available for booking. Each has its own lovely charm and invites you to relax, cook together or warm up after a long day outside. 

All houses are equipped with kitchen, bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi. The two larger houses also treat their guests with a sauna.

In addition, the main house is available as a hub. Common rooms, cozy sitting areas, a large kitchen and a host who is available to each guest with advice, tips and a helping hand. 

All houses are only a few meters from the Lesjön and offer a beautiful view onto the lake. 

Red House – 105 sqm – up to 6 people

Das "Rote Haus" aus der Vogelperspektive 
Angelcamp, Schweden, Ferienhaus, FeWo
Detailbild Ferienhaus im Angelcamp, Rotes Haus, Elchgeweih, Elch
Ferienhaus "Rotes Haus" im Angelcamp in Rossön, Schweden umgeben von Bäumen und in Sichtweite vom See, Lesjön

In the big red house you will find a well-equipped kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, electric stove and an oven. An enclosed veranda invites you to sit together on rainy days as well as in the evenings when there might be a few extra mosquitoes around. WC and shower are of course available. In addition, a sauna invites you to warm up especially on cool autumn or cold winter days. 

Two bedrooms with a total of six single beds are located on the second floor. 

The living, dining and kitchen area is spacious and, in addition to TV and internet (WiFi), equipped with two large couches and a wood-burning fireplace. Relaxing together here is not only possible but almost required. 

Grey House – 70 sqm – up to 4 people

Ferienhaus, FeWo, "Graues Haus" umgeben von Bäumen auf dem großzügigen Areal des Rossön Fishing und Outdoor Camps 
Mit Terrasse und nur wenige Meter vom Steg und See entfernt
Innenansicht im Ferienhaus "Graues Haus" im Angelcamp in Rossön, Schweden 
Blick auf Esstisch, Küchenzeile und Kamin
Rossön Fishing und Outdoor Camp
Detailbild aus dem Ferienhaus "Graues Haus" im Rossön Fishing und Outdoor Camp
Angeln, Camp, Outdoor, Schweden

In the Gray House you will find a a well-equipped kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, electric stove, oven, etc.. Toilet, shower, a sauna and a wood fireplace are on the ground floor along with the television. WIFI is available throughout the house. The bedroom with four single beds is located on the second floor.

The veranda invites you to a little drink on warm summer evenings or to a fresh coffee in the early morning amidst the infinite silence. 

Brown House – 57 sqm – up to 4 people

Ferienhaus "Haus der Brüder" im Rossön Fishing & Outdoor Camp in Schweden
Direkt am Lesjön See gelegen und ideal für bis zu vier Personen
Innenansicht vom Ferienhaus "Graues Haus" im Fishing und Outdoor Camp in Rossön, Schweden,
Kamin, TV, Sitzecke, bis 4 Personen,
nur wenige Meter bis zum See und Steg mit eigenem Boot
Innenansicht Ferienhäuser Rossön Angel und Outdoor Camp

Like all our houses, the brown house is a cozy wooden house which can accommodate up to 4 people. Furnished with everything that makes a successful and exhausted angler, hunter or outdoor lover’s heart beat faster. 

Of course, a well-equipped kitchen, toilet and shower, a wood-burning fireplace and of course WIFI and a TV. 

There is a single bedroom on the ground floor, three more beds are located on the second floor. 

Small Cabin – 20 sqm – 2 people

Rossön Angel und Outdoo Camp, Schweden, "Haus der Brüder", Ferienhaus, Angelcamp, Lappland, 2 Personen, Terrasse
Innenansicht "Haus der Brüder" Ferienhaus, Angel und Outdoor Camp, 2 Personen, Kochnische, Kamin, TV
Innen- und Detailsansicht der Ferienhäuser im Angel und Outdoor Camp in Rossön, Schweden, 
Angelcamp, Ferienhaus, Natur

Small but cozy and equipped with everything you need. The wooden cabin offers a small kitchen with microwave, electric stove, etc., toilet, shower, a wood-burning fireplace (which warms the 20 square meters in no time to comfortable temperatures) and of course WIFI and a TV. We must not forget the two single beds on the first floor.

The Main House

Fishing tun Outdoor Camp Rossön, Schweden, Haupthaus, Aufenthaltsräume, Angelcamp, Lesjön, See, Wald

Fancy some company? Talking shop? Getting ideas and input to plan the days ahead? Just relax and read for a few hours in a cozy atmosphere? 

The doors of our main house are (almost) always open.

This is also where you will find your host, camp boss, idea generator and storyteller – our good soul. Our „Chief of Camp“ is the contact person for all questions around the camp. If you’re lucky, he’ll also turn on the grill, put on a piece of moose meat and conjure up a bottle of wine or beer from the fridge. 

The Motel

Since 2022, in addition to our vacation homes, there is the „Motel“. Five spacious rooms are available here either as „extra beds“ or, of course, for those on short notice or traveling through on their way to or from the far north.

The option to use one (or more) of the rooms as an addition to your cottage offers the possibility to come to the camp with additional people without having to book another cottage.

Bathroom and toilet is of course available in each room. However, a kitchen is not available here.